Vietnamese enterprise’s opportunities and threats in the face of the modern technology trend.

14 December , 2016 11:56 pm

The 4th industrial revolution results in the modern technology trend and that is an opportunity for Vietnamese companies to achieve a robust growth.

The 4th industrial revolution creates a new era in which all things are connected to internet. So the connection between the real world, the world and the living being world will become a new trend. These technologies will impact upon economies, industries in the world.


In the period of embracing that trend, it is seen as an opportunity to speed up further development. The investment in modern technologies helps enterprises to improve productivity further and gain more great achievements.

Besides, they face a lot of threats notably labor. The movement of the labor structure has been taken place very slowly in past 20 years even it is very much slow in compared with the movement of GDP structure.

The Vietnamese economy now depends on intensive cheap-labor employment industries.While in the trend of the knowledge economy, high competence human resource with creative ability is an advantage.

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