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We, VTAC professional auditing firm, provide the service of agreed-upon procedures. Besides the audit and review service, in order to assist you in doing business activities, at a certain time, you may need to perform certain procedures to assist you in doing business activities and your decision making. At the end of an agreed-upon procedures engagement, we will provide you with a factual report detailing the exceptions identified.

Financial statement auditing service

We, VTAC professional auditing firm, believe that independent auditors play an important and valuable role as a trusted intermediary between providers of information and users of information. In the wake of economic crises and scandals in the past few years, investors now expect a higher level of reliability of assuring completeness and accuracy of information contained in a company’s financial statements. On base of high calibre of auditors and efficient approaches, we will make audits more relevant and continue to raise the bar on quality.

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Review of financial information

We, VTAC professional auditing firm, provide the service of a review of interim or annual financial statements. It is different from an audit, a review is not designed to achieve an appropriate assurance that financial statements give a true and fair view in all material respects. So a review provides less assurance than an audit since the review procedures are limited primarily to inquiries of company personnel responsible for financial and accounting matters and analytical procedures applied to financial data.

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Advise on converting into electronic invoices

In conjunction with the trend of international integration and it aims to improve operational efficency, cost savings, The Ministry of Finance issued regulations in which provide guidances on applying electronic invoices in businesses.

The target set by the financial sector up to 2019 is that the 90 percentage of businesses or volumes of traded goods apply electronic invoices and the implementation route is from 2018.

Acccordingly, you expect a parter who gets the understanding of the business’s procedures and operations and help you convert into electronic invoices in line with the Ministry of Finance’s regulation and management requirements.

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Transfer pricing services

In conjunction with the trend of globalization, cross-border transactions between related companies are increasing in number and complexity. Local authorities have alleged that these transactions affect tax responsibilities in Viet Nam. In order to help you not only mitigate transfer pricing risks but also adhere to Vietnamese regulations, VTAC provides services as follows:

  1. Risk assessment reviews;
  2. Documentation and Compliance services;
  3. Audit defence advice.

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Mr. Vo Van Van

Chairman cum Director

He is the Chairman cum Director. He has over 16 years of experience in the roles of senior independent auditor, chief of internal auditing department and chief of accounting department at auditing firms, local commercial bank and securities company respectively.

Audit final accounts of investment

We, VTAC professional auditing firm, have the extensive experience in auditing final accounts of investment and this is our advantage. We have professional audit procedures in place in which they are improved continuously and always updated and supplemented by newly-promulgated state regulations in the field of construction investment.

VTAC’s audit reports would enhance the credibility of final accounts of investment and is the basis for the authorized approver of final accounts to verify and approve the construction investment costs.

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Accounting service

The Vietnamese economy has been integrated deeply into the regional and worldwide economy, so the Vietnamese accounting system and accounting standards have been changed continuously in accordance with international practices and standards. We, VTAC professional auditing firm, possess high calibre of skills in accounting, auditing and taxes by which enable us to provide diversified accounting and tax services for you.

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Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Thao

Senior Partner

She has over 10 years of experience in the role of senior auditor and chief of internal auditing department at auditing firms and local commercial bank. She is a certified public accountant in Viet Nam and she is a member of CIA (Certified Internal Auditor).


Mrs Nguyen Phuong Thao

Senior Partner

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