Financial statement auditing service

We, VTAC professional auditing firm, believe that independent auditors play an important and valuable role as a trusted intermediary between providers of information and users of information.

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Review of financial information

We, VTAC professional auditing firm, provide the service of a review of interim or annual financial statements. It is different from an audit, a review is not designed to achieve an appropriate assurance that financial statements give a true and fair view in all material respects.

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Transfer pricing services

In conjunction with the trend of globalization, cross-border transactions between related companies are increasing in number and complexity. Local authorities have alleged that these transactions affect tax responsibilities in Viet Nam
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State bank: Strive for stable interests in 2017

11:54 pm

(TBKTSG Online) The state bank said, on 2nd December, that next year it will continue to implement policies to stabilize interests similar in 2016. According to the release on 2nd December, the state bank announced the oriented policy for coming time. Accordingly, in regard to the interest management, the state bank said that it will […]

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